Who am I .. in a few words



Let’s back up one step :

After completing an audiovisual and photograhy education, I found myself passionately playing with all kinds of digital picture processing tools. As a freelancer since 2004, I mainly worked on video and multimedia projects, as well as visual animations for live shows and concerts. I steadily resorted to graphic design, creating all kinds of interactive supports and user interfaces CDRom/DVD and designing full communication tools.

The internet was first the incontrovertible broadcast means, and after several demands web design established itself as one of my leading activities. Initialy centered on the visual aspects (esthetic, smooth motion), the web sites I create now include all the dynamic key functionalities you might need to present the activity of your company.

What I am :

Multi-tasking, perfectionist (if not tireless when needed!), self-taught, very flexible on the demands, prices and new ideas..

What I am not :

A communication agency all by myself!  .. Although nothing’s really impossible with a little of passion!  😉

Where I am :

In France, in the Alps,
(in one of those small part of the world where Mother Nature enjoys displaying her Art in broad daylight! )

but also on the Internet.. and thus available throughout the world!

Other part of the world that I used to call home once :

Strasbourg, Grenoble, Montréal, Lyon, Vancouver, Valence

What I like :

Motion, colors.